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summer [Jun. 4th, 2005|11:11 am]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |slipknot---Pulse of the Maggots]

it is finally summer, and school is over. we dont have to go back untill Aug 25 which kinda sucks because that is a day before my Birthday (im gonna be 16). so far this summer i have slept, played with my Hermit Crab (dont laugh), talked with Joel, spent time with Joel and practiced my n ew flute. i have been wanting one for about 3 years and now i finally have one. it is open-whole with an offset G key. it is still only a C foot but that is ok, i will probally never play a low low B anyway. we also ordered a few new shells for Navada (my Hermit Crab) and a heater for her home and a piece of coral also. i have decided to stay i in band all for years.

i was suppost to go with the other band members to the graduation but i overslept. i was suppost ot be in my seat at 8:15...i didnt wake up untill 9:00. so my A average will probally go down...that sucks. i didnt go last years either because i had other plans that were made well before i knew about the graduation. next year i will have to make an effort to go because i dont want to skip the last chance i will have to go. the time after that i will be a senior and wont have to play.

well, i hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer and good luck with school next year. later everyone.
I love you, Joel. XOXO